Dr. Matt Mears

Dr. Matt Mears

Surgical Director

I was born in Knoxville, TN, then moved to Martin, Tn. University of TN at Martin is where I did my undergraduate studying animal science and playing basketball. I graduated the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990.

I practiced in Memphis, TN from June 1990 till December 1991. Then was hired by Indian Ridge Animal Hospital in January 1992. I became a Partner/Owner 1994 and the rest is history.

I have special interest in surgery, but enjoy all aspects of veterinary medicine. I enjoy getting to know my patients, their ins and outs, their special quirks and getting to know and understand their owners.

I am married to a wonderful, beautiful wife, Leigh. I have two kids, Emily and Evan. We have 5 cats, Mittens, Jarnella, Ilean(a three-legged cat), Millie, and Alex (a Cerebellar hypoplasia kitten). We have 4 dogs, Blaise, Freddie, Post and Stamp. We Have 4 turtles and some koi fish. We have 14 goats and a goose named Gary.

I enjoy watching my son play basketball. I enjoy watching my daughter sing in the chorus at school and the choir at church. I enjoy spending time with my wife and and kids. I like running, playing basketball, traveling when can, watching UT basketball and football. I am and active member of First Baptist Church. I enjoy working at Indian Ridge Animal Hospital with all my Ridge Family.