Modified Manquet Procedure

Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP Surgery)

Dogs are playful animals that love to run, jump and chase. If you notice that your pet is limping or struggling to walk, they may be struggling with cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) failure. Similar to a human’s ACL, this crucial band of tough tissue stabilizes your dog’s knee joint. If torn or ruptured, a CCL injury allows the tibia to shift in front of the thigh bone when walking or even standing.

Cruciate ligaments can only be repaired surgically. One of the best options for the surgical repair of a CCL tear is the Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP). At Indian Ridge Animal Hospital, our surgical director, Dr. Matt Mears, specializes in MMP surgery. If you’ve noticed that your dog is limping, favoring their other leg or seems to be struggling with chronic pain, then it’s time to schedule your appointment.

Indian Ridge Animal Hospital is located in Kingsport, Tennessee, and we accept patients and vet clinic referrals from the surrounding area. Please fill out our contact form to learn more about MMP surgery and the other high-quality services available at our pet clinic.

What Is the Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP)?

If your dog experiences a CCL tear, this injury will not heal without surgical intervention. In years past, your vet may have recommended Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA) or Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy (TPLO). Although these are both well-established treatments, MMP surgery is considered the best CCL repair procedure for dogs with a torn CCL, especially those over 38 pounds.

The Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP) is a minimally invasive, simplified version of TTA surgery. When you bring your dog to Indian Ridge Animal Hospital, Dr. Mears will consider the patient’s unique situation before recommending a course of treatment.

Here are a few reasons Dr. Mears may recommend MMP over TPLO or TTA:

  • MMP offers shortened surgery times
  • The procedure requires only one bone cut
  • Patients experience minimal pain
  • Recovery time is shorter, at four to six weeks versus 10 to 12 weeks
  • MMP is generally more affordable

What to Expect With MMP Treatment

When you entrust us with your pet’s care, Dr. Mears and the Indian Ridge Animal Hospital team will work with you to develop a treatment and therapy plan for your dog — both pre- and post-surgery.

This form of treatment works by redirecting the force generated by the large quadriceps muscles and compensating for the CCL failure. To achieve this result, Dr. Mears frees the part of the tibia attached to the muscle. Once cut, the tibia is shifted forward so that it’s at a 90-degree angle to the patellar tendon. This shift allows this band of tissue to take over for the CCL and perform its function.

The cut is stabilized using an advanced orthopedic implant material called OrthoFoam, which supports healing and accelerates bone growth. After four to six weeks, bone material and capillaries penetrate the porous titanium OrthoFoam enough to stabilize the CCL repair. This effect is the key to the minimal pain and reduced convalescence seen with MMP surgery.

MMP Recovery

Once your dog is ready to return home, our team will go over care instructions with you to optimize the healing process and reduce the risk of strain, stress fracture or implant failure. Your dog will need plenty of rest and a period of controlled physical activity as they recover from MMP surgery.

Dr. Mear's Patient Recovering Post MMP Surgery
Dr. Mears’ patient recovering post-surgery.

You will want to prevent running, jumping and rough play and block off access to stairs. We recommend walking your dog on a leash every time they’re outside for at least two weeks post-surgery to prevent reinjury.

Here is a timeline that will give you a better idea of the recovery process:

  • After two days: Your dog should be able to put minimal weight on the affected leg while walking.
  • After two weeks: Sutures are removed. You can now take your dog on slow leash walks no longer than 10 minutes up to eight times a day. You should notice your dog using their affected leg with each step.
  • Within four weeks: Slowly increase your dog’s activity on the leash. You should also be able to take your dog on slightly longer walks.
  • After six weeks: We will X-ray the patient to confirm that healing is proceeding according to plan. Continue to increase your dog’s activity, such as 30-minute walks in grassy areas. Your dog can go off-leash for five minutes if no other dogs are present.
  • After 12 weeks: Your dog should be able to resume their pre-injury level of activity.

Meet Our Surgical Director — Dr. Matt Mears

Dr. Matt Mears With His Dog
Dr. Matt Mears

We are proud to have the experience and knowledge of our surgical director, Dr. Matt Mears, here at Indian Ridge Animal Hospital. Dr. Mears is a Knoxville native with roots in Martin, Tennessee, as well. He received his undergraduate degree in Animal Science from the University of Tennessee and then went onto the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, where he graduated in 1990.

Dr. Mears has now been practicing veterinary medicine for over 30 years. He joined the Indian Ridge Animal Hospital family in 1992 and quickly became a partner and owner just a few years later.

While Dr. Mears enjoys all aspects of veterinary care, he has a special interest in surgery. He is proud to bring his expertise in MMP surgery and other complex surgical procedures to his patients in Kingsport, Tennessee, and the surrounding area. When you bring your pet to our veterinary clinic, Dr. Mears will take the time to get to know you and the patient. He loves learning what makes pets special and unique so that he can better serve their needs.

Other Services Available at Indian Ridge Animal Hospital

MMP surgery is just one of the many services we bring to patients in Kingsport, Tennessee, and beyond. From general wellness exams and vaccines to specialized surgery and advanced diagnostics, you can be sure that your pet will receive the highest quality care. We are proud to be one of the few animal hospitals in our area of Tennessee offering orthopedic surgery and advanced techniques like MMP.

Schedule Your Dog’s Modified Maquet Procedure Surgery in Kingsport, Tennessee

If your dog is struggling with chronic pain, don’t wait to seek treatment. Your pet may have an undiagnosed CCL tear. At Indian Ridge Animal Hospital, we proudly serve families in Kingsport and throughout the region. We also take surgical referrals from other vet practices unable to perform surgery. For more information about MMP surgery and our other compassionate services, please schedule your pet’s appointment.